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incumbent scott brown and elizabeth warren. you can see that live at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. and after that, we will go west to nebraska. that will start live at 8:00 eastern, and you can listen to both of those debates on c-span radio or watch them on line. and later tonight, mitt romney holds a campaign rally in denver. he is scheduled to speak at the air and space museum. it is the last public event before the presidential debate on wednesday. you can see his comments live at 9:15 eastern on c-span2. >> china has cheated. i will finally do something the president has not been willing to do, which is to call them on the carpet for it and label chided a manipulator. >> we have made more changes against china in our term than the previous administration has done in two, and, by the way, we are winning in those states. >> you can watch and engage with c-span with our live debate preview, followed by two ways to watch the debate lies. on c-span, both candidates on screen during the entire event, and then the multi camera version, and falling, your reaction. follow our liv
as a public service by your television providers. >> scott brown and elizabeth warren faced each other for the second of four televised debates in massachusetts. david gregory moderate this. >> moderator of meet the press and welcome to the cter of massachusetts co-sponsored by the university and the boston herald. i am joined by the two candidates, miss elizabeth warren and a senator scott brown. welcome to both of you. a thank you for being here. just a note about the rules, basically there are none. no set time limits. what i hope is a healthy discussion of the important issues facing this country and in this race. i can't been -- i champion the to a few -- the two of you. i would like to begin where it seems this campaign has been, in the area of the personal. some personal friction and issues between the two of you. ms. warren, i want to start with questions about your native american heritage. there seems to be a lot of questions about this. i want to see if we can clear these things up. you have listed yourself as a minority in a faculty directory in 1986. you continue to miss -
for a debate between incumbent president scott brown and elizabeth warren. c-span will have coverage of that. that will be followed at shinnecock by -- 8:00. c-span2 will have eric cantor as she squares off against a former army colonel when powell. live coverage at 7:00 eastern on c-span2. "usa" richard walsh sat down with an interview with ross perot. c-span cameras were there to record the interview from his home and office in texas. he talked about running as a third-party candidate, dealing with the country's debt, and the u.s. education system. here is a look. >> go to our most elite engineering schools. at one time we had more talented engineer than anyone else. we were discovering everything in the world. now that has all turned around. and it is getting worse by the day. 78% of the people getting ph.d. is in our most elite engineering schools come from either china or india. ok? now, 20% come from all over the world. now i'm up to 90%. that means 2% of the people getting phd's are coming from the united states and our most elite engineering schools. that is a recipe for disaster. we
circuit took that case and came up with a much more narrow ground. it looks to me that it is brown's uniquely tailored for justice kennedy. judge reinhardt ended up holding it. he basically says, look, we will leave an address whether this test is rational scrutiny as a matter of its cell. but when you already have a state where the law says you eliminate that right for a specific class of people for people who want to engage in same-sex marriage, then it gets a high and rational basis that we saw in rumor vs. evans. in that there seems to be no reason for that except rhode animus against the class of people that you are removing from this marriage thing. so it makes a difference in their mind that it is removing it from a right that was already there could set aside the fact that the right was there after the california court found it, after this whole history of citizens having passed a friend up trying to block it and the courts continue funneling -- courts continue refining it again. if you have the right and you take away, that is now an equal protection violation. so it has b
washington brown pick next to that, palestinians modest bid this year. ahmadinejad is requesting an update to der u.n. status. -- their u.n. status. here is that headline and "the washington post" -- we're taking your questions and comments on this this morning. the role of the united nations. president obama will give his speech to the general assembly today in new york. that coverage begins around 10:00 in the morning, and you can tune into c-span to hit remarks. mitt romney will be speaking around 9:00 a.m. this morning, and we will have coverage of that on c-span. in other headlines, i want to show you a few of those. reading scores on the s.a.t. scores for the class of 2012 reached a four-decade low. this is a story that is in many of the papers this morning about s.a.t. scores in this country. other headlines for you this morning about politics. this is about the misery senate race. his -- here is "the washington times" story this morning -- back to our topic, the role of the united nations in global affairs. "the pittsburgh post-it is t -- post-gazette" -- caller: it seems like most
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5